Hot Phone Sex

Hot Phone Sex

Looking for Hot Phone Sex?

Horny bored why not have Hot Phone Sex? Our horny ladies are ready and waiting for your call. We can’t wait to make you cum! Call us when your bored or lonely. When your looking for a little excitement. Why not do something nice for yourself. Call right now at 1-866-791-5163

You work hard so you deserve to play hard too. Why waste time and money on dates that don’t lead to sex. Wouldn’t it better to put your hard earned money into something you really want. You want to cum and we got you. No mind games or blue balls here.

Our lovely ladies are waiting by the phone to get you off. Making you cum is what we love to do. When your ready to have some fun call us. Stop wasting time and money on girls who don’t put out. You don’t have to wine and dine us to play with us. What you see is what you get. Get exactly what you want!

Hot Phone Sex Fun

Hot Phone Sex is so much fun!

Have Hot Phone Sex from the convenience of your home or office. Call now to get in touch with a phone sex play mate at 1- 866-791-5163. We specialize in a variety of fantasies and fetishes. Our lovely ladies have heard it all. If your unsure if we talk about your specific fantasy just ask. Our Dispatcher is happy to help find you the right girl to play with.

If your new to phone sex are you in for a treat. We will tease tempt and seduce you. Talk to one of us or all of us. Score every time time you call us. We are willing waiting and never say no. When the women around you say no call a phone ho. Take charge of your orgasm. Its your dick and you deserve to have some fun.

Imagine enjoying every fantasy you have ever dreamed of. In a safe space where you won’t be judged . Phone sex is  safe space to explore your sexuality. Men And Women are welcome to call us to play. We are equal opportunity and we love callers from all Genders, Backgrounds and ages. Whether your 21 or 121 give us a ring! We can’t wait to get you off!

Hot Phone Sex Girls

What kind of Hot Phone Sex are you looking for?

Hot Phone Sex can be anything you want. Call us now to find out at 1-866-791-5163. Cuckold, Creampie, Foot Fetish and panty fetish too. BDSM CBT JOI SPH and CEI. We love it all. Incest and family fun we are so down. Golden showers, Period play, Scat, Toilet lovers and more.

Looking for Pain anal? Are you a giver or a receiver? Bring your toys we got ours. Face sitting pussy licking squirting. Dirty Panties, Cross dressing, Cock curious and bisexual. Threesome phone sex and bondage. Maybe your looking for some mutual masturbation. We always give a great Girlfriend Friend Experience.

We engage in a wide variety of fantasy roleplays and fetishes. Even rapeplay and  Impregnation. Not sure if we are into your fantasy just ask. Be sure to be upfront with what your looking for. That way we can make sure the girl your speaking with is a good match for you. What are you waiting for lets have fun!

There are so many options and ways to have fun. We can’t wait to get naked with you. No matter your age (21 and up) Gender, background or kink we got you.  Our ladies are exotic erotic and lots of fun. We are open minded sensual and kinky non judgmental women of pleasure.


How much does Hot Phone Sex cost?

Hot Phone Sex can cost anywhere from 1.99-3.99 a minute. Our calls are reasonably priced at just 1.69 per minute. Some services charge connection fees but we don’t.  We even have specials dropping the rate as low as $1.50 per minute. Be sure to check out our specials page for more info. Are you ready? Call us now at 1-866-791-5163

Times are hard and we want to offer you a fair rate that is affordable. To keep our rates low we are a call back service. You will need to be able to receive a call back from a private or blocked number.  If you use Privacy aps please disable them prior to calling. We only service callers in the USA and Canada.  To keep our rates low we cannot call international numbers .

Be sure to have your card info when calling. Our lines get super busy. Be sure to know which girl by name you want to speak to. If your unsure tell the dispatcher what your looking for and she will hook you up.  Our dispatchers are very skilled at finding the best girl for you.

All our sales are final There are no refunds. The exception is for billing errors which are very rare. All time purchased must be used during the same call.  No time carries over so make sure to enjoy all of your time. Be sure to only buy what you need when calling. There is no switching of girls. If your unsure which girl you will like best try short calls. Try out a few girls until you find a favorite.

We do not keep your credit card info. Be prepared with your credit debit or prepaid card handy when calling. We will need your card info, Name as it appears on your card and your zip code. We do not accept calls from hotels or businesses.

Hot Phone Sex Get phone sex now

How do you order Hot Phone Sex?

When your ready for Hot Phone Sex call our dispatch line at 1-866-791-5163 .  Our lovely dispatchers will take your payment and have a lovely lady call you back. Our calls come in as private or blocked. Be sure to have privacy blocked disabled so we can call you back. We call from the privacy of our home. No stuffy offices or cubicles.

When your looking for a real connection with a hot sexy lady we got you. No robots, No software and no recordings. We are live and ready to play. In an automated  world we offer you a real live human connection.

Call one of our lovely ladies today at 1-866-791-5163. We are bringing back phone sex the way it used to be. Fair prices with good service you can depend on.  Remember those late night commercials?  One simple 800#  versus a billion to remember.

The dispatcher took your payment info . Getting the business end of things out of the way. The girl you were speaking to never knew your last name or address. Because you only gave it to the dispatcher. None of your information was ever kept on file. Giving you more privacy and discretion.

See a girl you like? Call our dispatch line at 1-866-791-5163 and request your dream girl. Be sure to have a 2nd and 3rd choice in case the girl your looking for is busy. That way we can  have a sexy sensual lady call you back as soon as possible. We always do our best to make sure you get what you want. Our dispatchers are experts at coordinating your phone sex pleasure experience.

Hot Phone Sex Dirty Talk ladies

MILF Phone Sex

MILF Phone Sex

Looking for hot and steamy MILF Phone Sex?

I love MILF Phone Sex with younger men. Looking for a kinky cougar? Call me now at 1-866-791-5163 Or you could be a young man at heart. I will make you feel like a young virgin all over again. Taking your young seed from your hard innocent dick. It’s ok lie back I’ll take care of the rest.  Am I the soccer mom you lust after? I always wear the shortest skirts and bring the best snacks.

Your best friends mom who you fantasize about. You come over when your friend is gone. Knowing you get to spend time with me alone. Cuming for the pussy and leaving with a juice box lucky you. I could be the School nurse who doctors your boo boo’s. Of course that isn’t the only thing I take care of. My hands wander when you visit me.  I could even be the sexy cafeteria lady . A growing boy has got to eat. Want some cherry pie son?

Got MILF Phone Sex?

MILF Phone Sex will wet your appetite in all the right ways.  I can take you back to a more innocent time. Seducing your young hard cock with my mature feminine whiles.  Don’t worry sweetie Ms. Sarah will show you exactly what to do with your young dick. I’m gonna teach you all about the birds and the bees.

I teach you the difference between boys and girls. You get to touch me all over. Massaging and sucking on my big soft breasts. Dipping your fingers in my hot wet pussy. Getting down between my legs to give me a lick. I smell so good and taste even better. Now its my turn to explore. Your eyes roll back in your head as I do things to you you never knew were possible.


Want me to make you a man during MILF Phone Sex?

Are you the virgin I deflower during MILF Phone Sex ? Are you innocent knowing nothing about sex? Your such a good sweet boy aren’t you. Here I come, Your mature Seductress. Ready to seduce all your young cum out of your innocent dick. You had no idea sex could feel so good until you met me.

I let you do things to me you only dreamed about. My mouth feels so good sucking your young man meat. When I get on top of you its like a dream come true. My big soft breasts bouncing in your face. My wet juicy cunt sliding up and down your young dick. Then I bend over and let you have your way with my nice round mature ass.


Milf Phone Sex

Horny MILF Phone Sex

Fantasize about MILF Phone Sex? Call me now at 1-866-791-5163. Am I your naughty neighbor next door. You mow my lawn and watch me through the window. Wondering what it would be like to make love to a mature woman like me. You catch me oggling your hot young body in the sun. I can’t help but stare at your young hard body. All those muscles as you glisten in the sun Topless.

Today is your lucky day. I invite you in for some lemonade and cookies. I need help with my cable router. Its in the bedroom do you mind? Of course you don’t. While your working on my router I’ll change into something more comfortable. Your eyes get wide as you see me in sexy lingerie. You can’t help yourself as your loins rise to attention. Miss Sarah is gonna make you feel real good!

MILF Phone Sex Professor

Am I your MILF Phone Sex professor? I wear the sexiest out fits. Or maybe I dress old fashioned and proper? Am I strict teacher or a nice one? Have you misbehaved or are you the teachers pet? Do you need to get extra credit to make up for bad behavior? Or are you that intelligent go getter student I lean on.

Maybe you relate more to older people than those your own age. Naturally there is chemistry between us. I invite you over to my house alot. For extra credit of course. Everyone thinks your helping me grade papers. They don’t know that your really grading me on my bedroom skills. My mature pussy feels so good on your young hard dick.

Medical Fetish MILF Phone Sex

Am I your MILF Phone Sex dirty doctor? Doctor Sarah will see you now. Are you here for a sports physical. You want to play foot ball so you came to see me. I am going to check every single inch of you. Your very nervous but you know its required. No one told you your doctor would be so hot. It’s hard to hide your erection when your naked.

Thats ok Doctor Sarah is going to look you over from head to toe. Make sure every single inch of you is in working order. You are so nervous when I touch your cock and balls. I tell you its part of the physical. You get really excited when I caress your dick. Would you like the good doctor to suck it for you? Call me now and request me for MILF Phone Sex at : 1-866-791-5163


Interracial Phone Sex

Interracial Phone Sex

Dreaming about Interracial Phone Sex?

Interracial Phone Sex is red hot and spicy. My name is Keisha. I am a Puerto Rican and black mix.  You get the best of both worlds with me. I am party spicy Latina with that brown sugar loving you crave.  I am always down for dick. I can be your kinky slut of color. Your side chick when your wife has a headache.

Or perhaps you have darker desires in mind? Did you purchase me at a slave auction? I am yours now to do with as you wish. At first you put me to work in the field. Later you bring me in the house. Dressing me up in the most slutty clothing imaginable. Watching with a hard dick as I clean your house spic and span. As I am bent over scrubbing dusting and polishing away.


What kind of Interracial Phone Sex are you into?

Do you want to be in charge during Interracial Phone Sex? Want to degrade me? I love humiliation and slave play. You could be my horny plantation master I serve. On my hands and knees in my maid uniform cleaning your mansion. Watching me scrub and clean all day in my uniform gets your big white dick hard.

Maybe you decide There is something else you want me to polish. Of course I will suck your cock Master. I live to serve your big white man meat. My Brown pussy ass and mouth are yours for the taking. Do whatever you want with me.  I belong to you and I’ll do anything you want. Maybe you call me names during Race play phone sex?


Prefer Interracial Phone Sex on the dominate side?

I can be your Interracial Phone Sex Mistress. Become your Sassy Black seductress in charge. Order you on your hands and knees to eat this mocha Latina cunt. My Ebony pussy looks so good and yummy. I ride your face like I ride your dick. Taking my orgasm however I want from you. Cumming and peeing all over your face and mouth.

Your white dick looks so good sliding in and out of my chocolate cunt. My tight black pussy grips your cock like a glove. You love how your white cum looks against my brown skin. Black and white chocolate and vanilla swirled into one. My mocha mouth sucking your big white cock. Moaning as you pound me with your vanilla cock.

I love your big white dick. No condom at all just skin against skin. Your big white balls pounding against my ass. Your mouth sucking on my big mocha nipples. You love the contrast of our skin against each other. I am so dark soft and lovely. A Chocolate queen worthy of your superior Ivory. cock.


Maybe you like your Interracial Phone Sex hardcore?

Looking for Interracial Phone Sex rapeplay? Want me to be your mixed race neighbor. I’m always home alone. You slip into my bedroom through an open window. Forcing your hand over my mouth.  Ripping my panties off as you force your big white dick deep inside my brown pussy. Fucking me with no condom at all.

Then you force me on my hands and knees. You want to watch your big white dick taking my brown cunt. Breeding my ebony cunt as you force me to take every inch. Pulling my hair and fucking me like an animal. Maybe your a well respected member of the community.

 You could be a social worker, Police officer or even a preacher. No one is ever going to believe me. I can scream all I want no one is gonna hear me out here in the Ghetto. I’m  just another black bitch bent over getting fucked hard. You love making my black pussy take your big white superior white dick!

Interracial Phone Sex slut

Interracial Phone Sex with a brown mommy

Looking for mother son Interracial Phone Sex? Looking for a new mocha mommy?  Longing to suck on my big brown nipples. All that warm yummy milk tastes so good from my lactating tits. Mommy Keisha jerks your big white dick as you suck on my boobies. Look how big and hard your cock is today. Want mommy to suck on it?

Mommy Keisha can suck all the cummies out of your big white dick. My head bobs up and down as I coax all your baby batter out. It’s ok you can fuck mommy’s mouth. Mommy Keisha is your loyal cock sucker. Hungry for your thick creamy white cock milk. Good boy shoot a load deep in mommy’s mouth.

BDSM Interracial Phone Sex

Have you been bad during Interracial Phone Sex? Need a strong brown woman to keep you in line. Want me to spank you? Bend over and show me your white ass. I am going to spank you like the white bitch you are. Punishing your pale white ass until you beg for mercy.

Some of you want to be teased and Denied. Maybe you want  to suck on my petite brown toes. Fucking my mocha feet with your white dick.  Watching your cum shoot all over my brown soles. Shall I put a strapon on and fuck you deep in your submissive white ass?

No matter what your into give me a call. I’m down for dick and I get dirty during roleplays.

Call now and request me for Interracial Phone Sex 1-866-791-5163

Golden Showers Phonesex

Golden Showers Phonesex

Golden Showers Phonesex with Mistress Jade.

Ready for Golden Showers Phonesex ? I’m Jade but you can call me Mistress. Call me if you dare at : 1- 866-791-5163 I’m a strict mistress who demands to be obeyed. You will learn your place at my feet. As my toilet slave I want you on your knees with an open mouth.

I never need toilet paper again now that I have you. I will shower you with my golden goodness. We are going to have Wet and messy fun. I can be harsh and strict. But I do have a softer side. The side you ask for is what you get. I like to switch back and forth. Mind breaking you as it pleases me to do so.


Golden Showers Phonesex keeps you on the edge.

Golden Showers Phonesex Edgeplay keeps you on the brink of orgasm. I want to make your orgasm as intense as possible. We will need a longer call so I can keep you hanging onto pleasure. I will let you orgasm when I’m ready. When I finally milk you of every drop of cum it will be the most intense experience you’ve ever had.

Know and understand though that I own your cock. I might even keep you in a Chasity cage. Making myself the key holder of your prized penis. You can no longer touch your dick without my consent.  Making you beg for orgasm pleases me. You are my helpless slave and your pain is my entertainment. I love making you beg and plead for pleasure.


Golden Showers Phonesex and pantyhose.

Golden Showers Phonesex and pantyhose go hand in hand. Bring your Pantyhose fetish to me. I see how you stare at me in my stockings. I know your longing. Lay over my lap and slide your cock between my thighs. I want your dick fucking my thighs through my nylons as I piss all over your dick.

At a time of my choosing I allow you to fuck me through my pantyhose. I rip a hole through my control top pantyhose. Making you drink my sweet golden nectar. Pissing all over your face and chest. making you lick my wet and messy pussy. Sliding my perfect pussy on top of your dick. Fucking you until I’m satisfied.

Golden Showers Phone Sex

Golden Showers Phonesex Tease

I will tease you during Golden Showers Phonesex. Keeping you longing during Tease and Denial,. You want sweet release so badly. Mistress Jade is going to torment you first. You need to learn some patience. I plan to put your hard dick in a cock ring for my pleasure. Rubbing your cock with my clit. Pissing and squirting all over your dick.

You want to cum so badly but I’m not ready. I want to make you wait and beg until you have blue balls. I might not even allow you to cum today. Denying you orgasm brings me satisfaction. You cum when I allow it. And I can ruin your orgasm any time I wish. I might dump an ice cold pail of water on your erection if  I’m feeling especially mischievous.


Golden Showers Phonesex Foot fetish Mistress.

Golden Showers Phonesex begins on your knees. And while your down there worship my beautiful perfect feet. I know you want to rub your dick all over them. First suck on the heel of my stilleto. If you do a good job I might allow you the pleasure of removing my shoes. Then you may suck each and every one of my perfect toes.

If your truly deserving I will rub your cock up and down with my stocking covered feet. Rolling your fat dick between my pantyhose covered soles. Stopping only to piss all over your face. My silk soft heels rubbing out and down your hard shaft. Finally allowing you to cum all over my feet. You watch with great satisfaction as your Jizm coats my soles and toes.. Then I make you lick up every drop.


Golden Showers Phonesex and strapon play.

Call me for Golden Showers Phonesex at :1-866-791-5163 ! You never know what Mistress Jade will do to you. I might peg you today. Craving strapon play. Want Mistress to piss in your mouth and fuck your pretty pink butthole. Do I bring a girlfriend with me to help me. We spit roast you and fuck your ass and mouth with our big lady sticks.

Making you gag on strapon cock as we fuck your man pussy hard. Cry all you want we are in control. Your a beta bitch who serves dominate women. Know your place worm and serve on your hands and knees.  Perhaps you even Cock curious? Want me to bring you a shemale to play with? Or perhaps My boyfriend joins us to fuck you in your back pussy?